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Complex Case Management’s New Director Pays Tribute To Founding Director Bev Wild

As many may already be aware, Bev Wild, the founding director of Complex Case Management, sadly passed away in February 2020 after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Bev was an amazing, passionate and caring Case Manager and a supportive, loving and caring mother to me

When mum came to me and said she was considering setting up Complex Case Management, I did all I could to encourage her to go for it, knowing she would be a success, as she always committed to being the best version of herself in everything she did.

I offered what help I could whilst still working in a full-time job, expecting this to be the case for quite some time, but no – that wasn’t the Bev Wild way! Within a month I was handing my notice in at my job and working full time at Complex Case Management.

Together we worked day in, day out, side by side, hand in hand and still chose to spend our free time together. Working with mum came naturally to me. I cut my cloth in the rehabilitation sector at the tender age of 17 working as a support worker at The Priory, whilst she was nursing manager. It was easy to respect her as a professional. It was easy to call her Bev at work and mum at home and it was easy to work together to build the company because we had the same vision: to provide and deliver the best support and outcomes for our clients; both believing in going above and beyond, to enable our clients to lead enriching lives, full of hope and purpose.

Now, it may have been easy to work together, but it was not all plain sailing. On my very first day in the office (I say office, it was basically a broom cupboard with two tiny desks squished together and no windows) a car drove into the side of the building, filling the corridors with dust and debris!

When I think about that tiny little office space, with our kettle and two cups (that I’m proud to say are still in use to this day!), it really impresses upon me the years of unwavering determination, drive and passion that she put into building this company.

It took lots of hard work, early mornings, sleepless nights and so much dedication, but Complex Case Management has blossomed into a wonderful company that provides an empathetic and personalised service to our clients.

Compassion is at the heart of all Complex Case Management do. Mum always lead with compassion and brought it to every endeavour she undertook, whether that be raising me, caring for clients or setting up a company. It is the compassion she instilled in me, and that she brought out of those around her, that is the foundation for the care and rehabilitation we provide.

It is compassion that has driven us to seek out the best and most appropriate services for clients, compassion that has forged productive relationships with brilliant therapists and clinicians all over the northwest, and it is compassion that will take us forward continuing to provide the high level of professional care that CCM is known for.

Complex Case Management owes its success to the vision that mum had, and the wonderful team that has worked tirelessly to uphold the values and standards set by her. I would like to acknowledge and pay tribute to the outstanding expertise and dedication delivered everyday by our Support Workers, Clinical Lead, Case Managers, Office Manager and Admin staff which has supported CCM to be where it is today.

We are more than a team, we are a family.

So, as I step back into the office as Managing Director I will strive to continue what mum started, I will follow in her footsteps safe in the knowledge that she taught me well. I will always look to the future but keep a close eye on our past in order to maintain the values that got us where we are today.

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