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A Year of Celebration & Reflection

It’s our 7th Birthday (!!) and as we celebrate another year of Complex Case Management we look back and reflect on what a year it has been.

When we celebrated our 6th birthday in 2020 little did we know what challenges the year would bring for us all.

Not only was COVID-19 beginning to surface but in February 2020, just three days after our 6th Birthday our beloved, founding Director Bev sadly passed away. Bev was an amazing person who was a caring and passionate Case Manager. She was also a supportive, loving and dedicated mother to me and she has been dearly missed by everyone in the team.

Determined to continue her legacy with CCM I wanted to step into the role as Managing Director and strive to continue what mum had started, I will continue to follow in her footsteps safe in the knowledge that she taught me well.

As well as dealing with the loss of my mum and the team’s loss of their colleague, Friend and Director we started to feel the full effects of COVID-19, entering our first lockdown and facing the first challenges of the many restrictions that brought. Making sure our client’s rehabilitation was at the forefront of our minds we had to quickly adapt the way we worked and ensure our top priority was protecting our clients against the virus.

2020 was tough, our plans for the year had been thrown out of the window and our resilience was tested. My team were fantastic in the way they conducted themselves and managed the situation and the case management services we were still able to provide to our clients never faltered. I am proud of how we grew as a team and how even now, as the restrictions remain in place, we were able to find new ways of working to continue guiding rehabilitation effectively for our clients.

Whilst the first part of the year was tough and brought a lot of challenges, it wasn’t all bad news. In September we were able to actively recruit members of the team gaining a new Case Manager in October and a new HR Manager in January 2021. We  also expanded our team of Support Workers, showing our success and growth as a business even through the hardest times.

We continued to take on new clients and gain new referrals whilst still providing exceptional care and services to our existing clients.

We are so grateful for all the support we have seen through these times and proud to be able to be a growing business in 2021.

Looking to the future for CCM we have so many exciting things in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share. From new systems, expanding our team and being part of the BABICM Conference in June to name a few.

As we celebrate our 7th birthday and start to put 2020 behind us, we work towards our goals for 2021 knowing this will be a strong year for us. We look forward to continuing the great work we do with our clients that enables us to successfully  guide rehabilitation and empower lives.


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