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End Of An Era As Maureen Leigh Retires… Again

Today is a sad day at Complex Case Management. After two years working as Assistant Case Manager, we say farewell and happy retirement to Maureen Leigh.

We honestly never thought this day would come, but alas, Maureen has written her last Case Management Plan, final Support Plan and is turning off her laptop for the last time.

A nurse by profession, Maureen has supported CCM continually over the years. From when she first joined the company in 2015 Maureen brought with her a wealth of nursing and Case Management experience and she was soon an invaluable member of the team.

But things could have been so different if not for a meeting with Bev Wild in early 2015. Maureen had visited Bev to ask her for some support and came away with the offer of a job role, which Maureen gratefully accepted. Needless to say, we’re all happy that Maureen accepted that day.

Maureen had been talking about retirement for some time and when her nursing registration came up for renewal in October 2017, it was then that Maureen decided to hang up her Case Management boots and take retirement.

It wouldn’t last long.

In June 2018, Maureen was back at Complex Case Management, initially on a temporary basis to help with a client with whom she’d worked with for many years. That temporary role lasted two years and Maureen says there is not one thing she would change about it.

“There are always negatives to Case Management, but it’s making a difference to someone’s life,” says Maureen. “When I came back, the client benefitted, so did the family and the team and when you look at it, that outweighs any negatives about Case Management.”

Regarding her return to the company, Maureen says she wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t answered that phone call from Bev in 2018, but everyone involved is extremely glad she did.

Some of us within CCM have known Maureen from before our days with the company, and it feels like Maureen has had more comebacks from retirement than the Rolling Stones. But in true Maureen style, she has offered her services to us if ever we need it in the future, so we’re not completely ruling out another comeback just yet.

We will certainly miss Maureen’s fun and infectious laughter, witty comments and her continual confusion when it comes to IT. We can employ people to take over from her, but she is one person who could never be replaced.

Messages from the team

Maureen didn’t just have an effect on our client’s lives but also with the team here at CCM and, in the absence of a retirement card, we would like to convey just how much Maureen meant to us.

“Happy retirement Maureen, the 5 year plan may have taken about 10 years but has finally come. It has been a pleasure and joy to work with you in various roles over the many years. Thank you for all your support and wisdom. You will be greatly missed.” Fran

“I would like to personally thank Moe for helping me settle in when I started at CCM, you were wonderful. I wish I could have worked with you for a longer period and I will never forget our initial lockdown Zoom team meeting, chaotic. Good luck in retirement and I am sure you will be welcomed back when you visit us.” – Ben

What a wonderful career you’ve had – the most dedicated nurse, case manager, colleague and friend to us all. You must be so proud of all you’ve achieved. You deserve the retirement of the tap dancing, pirouetting, cake baking hero that you are! Enjoy! – Emily Brooks

“One of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. A true professional, always available for help and advice. I’m really going to miss her calls to help with phones, laptops or IT in general. Enjoy your retirement Maureen, you’ve earned it” Pete Cummings

“It has been a pleasure working with you (Kind of, as you mostly worked from home). It has been a pleasure getting to know you. All the best with your retirement (From what I have heard, this is retirement number 3 or 4). Take care of yourself and I will see you soon, No doubt when you return because you cannot hack retirement. All the best.” – Mark Tyson-Shore

Thank you Maureen, for all your work with Complex Case Management and the whole team wish you another very happy retirement and the very best for the future.

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